February 6 All Events

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February 6th, 2046 (February 06 2046)EventJulius Caesar defeats the combined army of Pompeian followers and Numidians under Metellus Scipio and Juba at Thapsus.Julius Caesar Quotes
February 6th, 2008 (February 06 2008)DeathJohn McWethy, American journalist (born in 1947)
February 6th, 2008 (February 06 2008)DeathTony Rolt, English racing driver (born in 1918)
February 6th, 2007 (February 06 2007)DeathLew Burdette, American baseball player (born in 1926)
February 6th, 2007 (February 06 2007)DeathLee Hoffman, American author (born in 1932)
February 6th, 2007 (February 06 2007)DeathLen Hopkins, Canadian politician (born in 1930)
February 6th, 2007 (February 06 2007)DeathFrankie Laine, American singer (born in 1913)
February 6th, 2007 (February 06 2007)DeathWillye White, American athlete (born in 1939)
February 6th, 2005 (February 06 2005)DeathLazar Berman, Russian pianist (born in 1930)
February 6th, 2005 (February 06 2005)DeathKarl Haas, American radio presenter (born in 1913)
February 6th, 2004 (February 06 2004)EventIn Russia, a suicide-attack in a Moscow metro kills 40 commuters, and injures a hundred and twenty-nine. The blast is blamed on Chechen separatist groups.
February 6th, 2004 (February 06 2004)BirthPrincess Louise of Belgium
February 6th, 2002 (February 06 2002)DeathMax Perutz, Austrian molecular biologist, Nobel laureate (born in 1914)
February 6th, 2001 (February 06 2001)DeathFilemon Lagman, Filipino Communist revolutionary (born in 1953)
February 6th, 2001 (February 06 2001)DeathFulgence Charpentier, Quebec journalist (born in 1897)
February 6th, 1998 (February 06 1998)EventWashington National Airport is renamed Ronald Reagan National Airport.Ronald Reagan Quotes
February 6th, 1998 (February 06 1998)EventIn Corsica, the prefect Claude Erignac is assassinated in Ajaccio, presumably by Yvan Colonna.
February 6th, 1998 (February 06 1998)DeathFalco, Austrian singer (born in 1957)
February 6th, 1998 (February 06 1998)DeathCarl Wilson, American musician (The Beach Boys) (born in 1946)
February 6th, 1998 (February 06 1998)DeathHaroun Tazieff, French vulcanologist and geologist (born in 1914)
February 6th, 1997 (February 06 1997)DeathRoger Laurent, Belgian racing driver (born in 1913)
February 6th, 1996 (February 06 1996)EventA Birgen Air Boeing 757 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Dominican Republic killing 189.
February 6th, 1996 (February 06 1996)DeathGuy Madison, American actor (born in 1922)
February 6th, 1995 (February 06 1995)DeathJames Merrill, American poet (born in 1926)
February 6th, 1994 (February 06 1994)DeathJoseph Cotten, American actor (born in 1905)
February 6th, 1994 (February 06 1994)DeathJack Kirby, American comic book writer (born in 1917)
February 6th, 1993 (February 06 1993)DeathArthur Ashe, American tennis player (born in 1943)Arthur Ashe Quotes
February 6th, 1992 (February 06 1992)EventThe Saami people of the Nordic countries have an official day celebrating their existence.
February 6th, 1991 (February 06 1991)DeathSalvador Luria, Italian biologist, Nobel laureate (born in 1912)
February 6th, 1991 (February 06 1991)DeathDanny Thomas, American singer, comedian, and actor (born in 1914)
February 6th, 1989 (February 06 1989)BirthCraig Cathcart, Irish footballer
February 6th, 1989 (February 06 1989)DeathAndre Cayatte, French filmmaker (born in 1909)
February 6th, 1989 (February 06 1989)DeathBarbara Tuchman, American historian (born in 1912)
February 6th, 1989 (February 06 1989)DeathChris Gueffroy, East German attempted defector (born in 1968)
February 6th, 1989 (February 06 1989)DeathOsbourne Ruddock, Jamaican Dub music performer (born in 1941)
February 6th, 1988 (February 06 1988)BirthAllison Holker, American dancer
February 6th, 1988 (February 06 1988)DeathNuno Oliveira, Bass Player (born in 1925)
February 6th, 1987 (February 06 1987)EventJustice Mary Gaudron is appointed to the High Court of Australia, the first woman to be appointed.
February 6th, 1986 (February 06 1986)BirthAlice Greczyn, American actress
February 6th, 1986 (February 06 1986)BirthBrendan Taylor, Zimbabwean cricketer
February 6th, 1986 (February 06 1986)DeathFrederick Coutts, Salvation Army general (born in 1899)
February 6th, 1986 (February 06 1986)DeathMinoru Yamasaki, American architect (born in 1912) Saki Quotes
February 6th, 1985 (February 06 1985)BirthKris Humphries, American basketball player
February 6th, 1985 (February 06 1985)BirthYang Yu, Chinese swimmer
February 6th, 1985 (February 06 1985)BirthJoji Kato, Japanese speedskater
February 6th, 1985 (February 06 1985)DeathJames Hadley Chase, English writer (born in 1906)
February 6th, 1984 (February 06 1984)BirthDarren Bent, English footballer
February 6th, 1984 (February 06 1984)BirthPiret Jarvis, Estonian singer
February 6th, 1983 (February 06 1983)BirthBrodie Croyle, American football player
February 6th, 1983 (February 06 1983)BirthS Sreesanth, Indian cricketer
February 6th, 1983 (February 06 1983)BirthJamie Whincup, Australian racing driver
February 6th, 1983 (February 06 1983)BirthMyron Wolf Child, Canadian politician
February 6th, 1982 (February 06 1982)BirthAlice Eve, English actress
February 6th, 1982 (February 06 1982)BirthTank, Mandopop singer.
February 6th, 1981 (February 06 1981)BirthCalum Best, American model
February 6th, 1981 (February 06 1981)BirthJens Lekman, Swedish musician
February 6th, 1981 (February 06 1981)BirthTy Warren, National Football League defensive lineman
February 6th, 1981 (February 06 1981)DeathHugo Montenegro, American film music composer (born in 1925)
February 6th, 1981 (February 06 1981)DeathFrederika of Hanover, Queen Consort of Greece (born in 1917)
February 6th, 1980 (February 06 1980)BirthMamiko Noto, Japanese seiyu
February 6th, 1980 (February 06 1980)BirthKim Poirier, Canadian actress
February 6th, 1980 (February 06 1980)BirthLuke Ravenstahl, American politician
February 6th, 1979 (February 06 1979)BirthDan Balan, Moldovan singer and former member of the band O-Zone
February 6th, 1978 (February 06 1978)EventThe Blizzard of 1978, one of the worst Nor easters in New England history, hit the region, with sustained winds of 65 mph and snowfall of 4" an hour.
February 6th, 1977 (February 06 1977)BirthJason Euell, English-born footballer
February 6th, 1976 (February 06 1976)BirthTanja Frieden, Swiss snowboarder
February 6th, 1976 (February 06 1976)BirthColin Teo, Singaporean Grand Prix driver
February 6th, 1976 (February 06 1976)BirthKim Zmeskal, American gymnast
February 6th, 1976 (February 06 1976)DeathVince Guaraldi, American musician (born in 1928)
February 6th, 1975 (February 06 1975)BirthBrett Hawke, Australian swimmer
February 6th, 1975 (February 06 1975)BirthTomoko Kawase, Japanese singer
February 6th, 1975 (February 06 1975)BirthSvend-Allan Sorensen, Danish artist
February 6th, 1972 (February 06 1972)BirthDavid Binn, American football player
February 6th, 1971 (February 06 1971)EventApollo program: Apollo 14 MissionAlan Shepard becomes the first person to hit a golf ball on the Moon.
February 6th, 1971 (February 06 1971)BirthDana Eskelson, American actress
February 6th, 1971 (February 06 1971)BirthBrad Hogg, Australian cricket player
February 6th, 1971 (February 06 1971)BirthBrian Stepanek, American actor
February 6th, 1970 (February 06 1970)BirthPer Frandsen, Danish footballer
February 6th, 1969 (February 06 1969)BirthDavid Hayter, American Voice of Solid Snake
February 6th, 1968 (February 06 1968)BirthAdolfo Valencia, Colombian footballer
February 6th, 1968 (February 06 1968)BirthAkira Yamaoka, Japanese composer
February 6th, 1967 (February 06 1967)BirthAnita Cochran, American singer
February 6th, 1967 (February 06 1967)BirthIzumi Sakai, Japanese singer (Zard) (died in 2007)
February 6th, 1967 (February 06 1967)DeathMartine Carol, French film actress (born in 1920)
February 6th, 1966 (February 06 1966)BirthRick Astley, British singer
February 6th, 1966 (February 06 1966)DeathNarcisa de Leon, Filipino film mogul (born in 1877)
February 6th, 1964 (February 06 1964)DeathEmilio Aguinaldo, Filipino general and President (born in 1869)
February 6th, 1963 (February 06 1963)BirthKevin Trudeau, American entrepreneur
February 6th, 1963 (February 06 1963)DeathAbd el-Krim, Moroccan politician
February 6th, 1962 (February 06 1962)BirthAxl Rose, American singer (Guns N Roses)
February 6th, 1961 (February 06 1961)BirthBill Lester, American racecar driver
February 6th, 1960 (February 06 1960)BirthMegan Gallagher, American actress Gallagher Quotes
February 6th, 1959 (February 06 1959)EventJack Kilby of Texas Instruments filed the first patent for an integrated circuit.
February 6th, 1959 (February 06 1959)EventAt Cape Canaveral, Florida, the first successful test firing of a Titan intercontinental ballistic missile is accomplished.
February 6th, 1959 (February 06 1959)BirthKen Nelson, English record producer
February 6th, 1958 (February 06 1958)EventEight Manchester United players are killed in the Munich air disaster.
February 6th, 1958 (February 06 1958)BirthCecily Adams, American actress (died in 2004)
February 6th, 1958 (February 06 1958)BirthBarry Miller, American actor
February 6th, 1958 (February 06 1958)DeathDavid Pegg, English footballer (born in 1935)
February 6th, 1958 (February 06 1958)DeathTommy Taylor, English footballer (born in 1932)
February 6th, 1958 (February 06 1958)DeathGeoff Bent, English footballer (born in 1932)
February 6th, 1958 (February 06 1958)DeathRoger Byrne, English footballer (born in 1929)
February 6th, 1958 (February 06 1958)DeathEddie Colman, English footballer (born in 1936)
February 6th, 1958 (February 06 1958)DeathMark Jones, English footballer (born in 1933)
February 6th, 1958 (February 06 1958)DeathFrank Swift, English footballer and journalist (born in 1913)
February 6th, 1958 (February 06 1958)DeathWalter Crickmer, English football club secretary and manager
February 6th, 1957 (February 06 1957)BirthKathy Najimy, American actress and comedienneKathy Najimy Quotes
February 6th, 1957 (February 06 1957)BirthSimon Phillips. Drummer of Toto (band)
February 6th, 1957 (February 06 1957)BirthRobert Townsend, American actor
February 6th, 1955 (February 06 1955)BirthMichael Pollan, American journalist
February 6th, 1952 (February 06 1952)EventElizabeth II becomes Queen upon the death of her father George VI. At the exact moment of succession, she was in a treehouse at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya.
February 6th, 1952 (February 06 1952)BirthRicardo Lavolpe, Argentine football coach
February 6th, 1952 (February 06 1952)DeathGeorge VI of the United Kingdom (born in 1895)
February 6th, 1951 (February 06 1951)EventThe Broker, a Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train derails near Woodbridge Township, New Jersey. The accident kills 85 people and injures over 500 more. The wreck is one of the worst rail disasters in American history.
February 6th, 1951 (February 06 1951)BirthMarco Antonio, Brazilian footballer
February 6th, 1951 (February 06 1951)BirthMargo, Irish singer
February 6th, 1951 (February 06 1951)BirthJacques Villeret, French film actor (died in 2005)
February 6th, 1950 (February 06 1950)BirthNatalie Cole, American singer
February 6th, 1950 (February 06 1950)DeathGeorges Imbert, Alsatian chemist (born in 1884)
February 6th, 1949 (February 06 1949)BirthJim Sheridan, Irish film director
February 6th, 1946 (February 06 1946)BirthJim Turner, American politician
February 6th, 1946 (February 06 1946)BirthKate McGarrigle, Canadian singer and songwriter
February 6th, 1945 (February 06 1945)BirthBob Marley, Jamaican musician (died in 1981)Bob Marley Quotes
February 6th, 1944 (February 06 1944)BirthChristine Boutin, French politician
February 6th, 1944 (February 06 1944)BirthWillie Tee, American singer and songwriter (died in 2007))
February 6th, 1944 (February 06 1944)BirthMichael Tucker, American actor
February 6th, 1943 (February 06 1943)BirthFabian, American singer
February 6th, 1943 (February 06 1943)BirthGayle Hunnicutt, American actress
February 6th, 1942 (February 06 1942)BirthSarah Brady, American gun-control activist
February 6th, 1942 (February 06 1942)BirthJames Loewen, American sociologist and historian
February 6th, 1941 (February 06 1941)BirthGigi Perreau, American actress
February 6th, 1940 (February 06 1940)BirthTom Brokaw, American news anchorman
February 6th, 1940 (February 06 1940)BirthJimmy Tarbuck, British comedian
February 6th, 1939 (February 06 1939)BirthMike Farrell, American actor
February 6th, 1939 (February 06 1939)BirthOrlando Parga, Vice President of the Puerto Rico Senate
February 6th, 1938 (February 06 1938)DeathMarianne von Werefkin, Russian-Swiss painter (born in 1860)
February 6th, 1936 (February 06 1936)EventOlympic Games: Winter Olympic GamesIV Olympic Winter Games open in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.
February 6th, 1936 (February 06 1936)BirthKent Douglas, Canadian ice hockey player
February 6th, 1936 (February 06 1936)BirthJ. Howard Marshall III, American businessman
February 6th, 1934 (February 06 1934)EventFar right leagues rally in front of the Palais Bourbon in an attempted coup against the French Third Republic, creating a political crisis in France.
February 6th, 1934 (February 06 1934)BirthBernard Erhard, American voice actor (died in 2000)
February 6th, 1933 (February 06 1933)EventThe 20th Amendment to the United States Constitution goes into effect.
February 6th, 1933 (February 06 1933)BirthLeslie Crowther, British comedian (died in 1996)
February 6th, 1932 (February 06 1932)BirthCamilo Cienfuegos, Cuban revolutionary (died in 1959)
February 6th, 1932 (February 06 1932)BirthFrancois Truffaut, French film director (died in 1984)
February 6th, 1931 (February 06 1931)BirthRip Torn, American actor
February 6th, 1931 (February 06 1931)BirthMamie Van Doren, American actress
February 6th, 1929 (February 06 1929)BirthPierre Brice, French actor
February 6th, 1929 (February 06 1929)BirthOscar Sambrano Urdaneta, Venezuelan writer
February 6th, 1927 (February 06 1927)DeathSam Maguire, Irish Republican and Gaelic footballer (born in 1879)
February 6th, 1926 (February 06 1926)BirthHaskell Wexler, American cinematographer
February 6th, 1926 (February 06 1926)BirthWalker Edmiston, American actor (died in 2007)
February 6th, 1925 (February 06 1925)BirthPramoedya Ananta Toer, Indonesian author (died in 2006)
February 6th, 1924 (February 06 1924)BirthBilly Wright, English former footballer (died in 1994)
February 6th, 1922 (February 06 1922)EventAchille Ratti becomes Pope Pius XI.
February 6th, 1922 (February 06 1922)EventThe Washington Naval Treaty was signed in Washington, DC, limiting the naval armaments of United States, Britain, Japan, France, and Italy.
February 6th, 1922 (February 06 1922)BirthBill Johnston, Australian cricketer
February 6th, 1922 (February 06 1922)BirthPatrick Macnee, British actor
February 6th, 1922 (February 06 1922)BirthDenis Norden, British television personalityDenis Norden Quotes
February 6th, 1918 (February 06 1918)BirthLothar-Gunther Buchheim, German author (died in 2007)
February 6th, 1918 (February 06 1918)DeathGustav Klimt, Austrian painter (born in 1862)
February 6th, 1917 (February 06 1917)BirthZsa Zsa Gabor, Hungarian-born actressZsa Zsa Gabor Quotes
February 6th, 1916 (February 06 1916)BirthJohn Crank, British mathematician (died in 2006)
February 6th, 1916 (February 06 1916)DeathRuben Dario, Nicaraguan writer (born in 1867)Ruben Dario Quotes
February 6th, 1914 (February 06 1914)BirthThurl Ravenscroft, American voice actor (died in 2005)
February 6th, 1913 (February 06 1913)BirthMary Leakey, British anthropologist (died in 1996)
February 6th, 1912 (February 06 1912)BirthEva Braun, German mistress and wife of Adolf Hitler (died in 1945)Adolf Hitler Quotes
February 6th, 1911 (February 06 1911)BirthRonald Reagan, 40th President of the United States (died in 2004)Ronald Reagan Quotes
February 6th, 1910 (February 06 1910)BirthIrmgard Keun, German author (died in 1982)
February 6th, 1910 (February 06 1910)BirthCarlos Marcello, Tunisian-born gangster (died in 1993)
February 6th, 1910 (February 06 1910)DeathAlfonso Maria Fusco. Beatified Italian Roman Catholic priest and founder (b.1839)
February 6th, 1908 (February 06 1908)BirthAmintore Fanfani, Italian politician (died in 1999)
February 6th, 1905 (February 06 1905)BirthWladyslaw Gomulka, Polish leader (died in 1982)
February 6th, 1903 (February 06 1903)BirthClaudio Arrau, Chilean-born pianist (died in 1991)
February 6th, 1902 (February 06 1902)BirthGeorge Brunies, American musician (died in 1974)
February 6th, 1901 (February 06 1901)BirthBen Lyon, American actor (died in 1979)
February 6th, 1900 (February 06 1900)EventThe international arbitration court at The Hague is created when the Netherlands Senate ratifies an 1899 peace conference decree. wow
February 6th, 1899 (February 06 1899)EventSpanish-American War: The Treaty of Paris (1898), a peace treaty between the United States and Spain is ratified by the United States Senate.
February 6th, 1899 (February 06 1899)BirthRamon Novarro, Mexican actor (died in 1968)
February 6th, 1899 (February 06 1899)DeathLeo von Caprivi, Chancellor of Germany (born in 1831)
February 6th, 1899 (February 06 1899)DeathPrince Prince Alfred of Edinburgh (born in 1874)
February 6th, 1897 (February 06 1897)BirthLouis Buchalter, Jewish American mobster (died in 1944)
February 6th, 1895 (February 06 1895)BirthBabe Ruth, American baseball player (died in 1948)Babe Ruth Quotes
February 6th, 1894 (February 06 1894)BirthEric Partridge, New Zealand lexicographer (died in 1979)
February 6th, 1892 (February 06 1892)BirthWilliam Parry Murphy, American physician, Nobel laureate (died in 1987)
February 6th, 1887 (February 06 1887)BirthJosef Frings, German Archbishop of Cologne (died in 1978)
February 6th, 1875 (February 06 1875)BirthLeonid Gobyato, Russian general (died in 1915)
February 6th, 1862 (February 06 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: Ulysses S. Grant gives the United States its first victory of the war, by capturing Fort Henry, Tennessee, known as the Battle of Fort Henry.Ulysses S. Grant Quotes
February 6th, 1855 (February 06 1855)DeathJosef Munzinger, Swiss Federal Councilor (born in 1791)
February 6th, 1853 (February 06 1853)BirthIgnacij Klemencic, Slovenian physicist (died in 1901)
February 6th, 1843 (February 06 1843)EventThe first minstrel show in the United States The Virginia Minstrels opens (Bowery Amphitheatre in New York City).
February 6th, 1840 (February 06 1840)EventSigning of the Treaty of Waitangi, founding document of New Zealand.
February 6th, 1838 (February 06 1838)BirthSir Henry Irving, British actor (died in 1905)
February 6th, 1838 (February 06 1838)BirthYisrael Meir Kagan, Chofetz Chayim (died in 1933)
February 6th, 1834 (February 06 1834)BirthEma Puksec, Croatian singer (died in 1889)
February 6th, 1834 (February 06 1834)DeathRichard Lemon Lander, British explorer (born in 1804)
February 6th, 1833 (February 06 1833)BirthJames Ewell Brown Stuart, American Confederate cavalry general (died in 1864)James Brown Quotes
February 6th, 1833 (February 06 1833)BirthJose Maria de Pereda, Spanish novelist (died in 1906)
February 6th, 1833 (February 06 1833)DeathPierre Andre Latreille, French entomologist (born in 1762)
February 6th, 1832 (February 06 1832)BirthJohn Brown Gordon, general, U.S. Senator, and Governor of Georgia
February 6th, 1820 (February 06 1820)EventThe first 86 African American immigrants sponsored by the American Colonization Society started a settlement in present-day Liberia.
February 6th, 1819 (February 06 1819)EventSir Thomas Stamford Raffles founds Singapore.
February 6th, 1817 (February 06 1817)EventThe Argentinian San Martin crosses the Andes with an army in order to liberate Chile from Spanish rule.
February 6th, 1816 (February 06 1816)DeathMaria Ludwika Rzewuska, Polish szlachcianka (born in 1744)
February 6th, 1815 (February 06 1815)EventNew Jersey grants the first American railroad charter to a John Stevens.John Hart Quotes
February 6th, 1811 (February 06 1811)BirthHenry George Liddell, father of the Alice in Alice in Wonderland (died in 1898)
February 6th, 1807 (February 06 1807)DeathJohn Reid, British army general and composer (born in 1721)
February 6th, 1793 (February 06 1793)DeathCarlo Goldoni, Italian playwright (born in 1707)
February 6th, 1788 (February 06 1788)EventMassachusetts becomes the sixth state to ratify the United States Constitution.
February 6th, 1783 (February 06 1783)DeathCapability Brown, English landscape gardener (born in 1716)
February 6th, 1778 (February 06 1778)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: In Paris the Treaty of Alliance and the Treaty of Amity and Commerce are signed by the United States and France signaling official recognition of the new republic.
February 6th, 1775 (February 06 1775)DeathWilliam Dowdeswell, English politician (born in 1721)
February 6th, 1757 (February 06 1757)BirthJulian Ursyn Niemcewicz, Polish scholar and statesman. (died in 1841) Julian Quotes
February 6th, 1756 (February 06 1756)BirthAaron Burr, 3rd Vice President of the United States (died in 1836)Aaron Burr Quotes
February 6th, 1748 (February 06 1748)BirthAdam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati (died in 1811)
February 6th, 1744 (February 06 1744)BirthPierre-Joseph Desault, French anatomist and surgeon (died in 1795)
February 6th, 1740 (February 06 1740)DeathPope Clement XII (born in 1652)
February 6th, 1732 (February 06 1732)BirthCharles Lee, General in the American Revolution (died in 1782)
February 6th, 1695 (February 06 1695)BirthNicolaus II Bernoulli, Swiss mathematician (died in 1726)
February 6th, 1685 (February 06 1685)EventJames II of England and VII of Scotland becomes King upon the death of his brother Charles II.
February 6th, 1685 (February 06 1685)DeathKing Charles II of England (born in 1630)
February 6th, 1665 (February 06 1665)BirthAnne of Great Britain (died in 1714) Anne of Great Britain Quotes
February 6th, 1664 (February 06 1664)BirthMustafa II, Ottoman Sultan (d, 1703)
February 6th, 1639 (February 06 1639)BirthDaniel Georg Morhof, German writer and scholar (died in 1691)
February 6th, 1617 (February 06 1617)DeathProspero Alpini, Italian scientist (born in 1553)
February 6th, 1611 (February 06 1611)BirthChongzhen Emperor, Emperor of China (died in 1644)
February 6th, 1608 (February 06 1608)BirthAntonio Vieira, Portuguese writer (died in 1697)
February 6th, 1593 (February 06 1593)DeathJacques Amyot, French writer (born in 1513)
February 6th, 1593 (February 06 1593)DeathEmperor Ogimachi of Japan (born in 1517)
February 6th, 1585 (February 06 1585)DeathEdmund Plowden, English legal scholar (born in 1518)
February 6th, 1577 (February 06 1577)BirthBeatrice Cenci, Italian noblewoman (died in 1599)
February 6th, 1515 (February 06 1515)DeathAldus Manutius, Italian printer
February 6th, 1497 (February 06 1497)DeathJohannes Ockeghem, Flemish composer (born in c. 1410)
February 6th, 1378 (February 06 1378)DeathJeanne de Bourbon, wife of Charles V of France (born in 1338)
February 6th, 0891 (February 06 0891)DeathPhotius, Patriarch of Constantinople

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